A passion for technology

EBE Rail specialises in the development, planning and realisation of safety installations and warning systems for level crossings. By strictly complying to the valid standards and specifications of the railway companies, EBE Solutions GmbH guarantees the safety and reliability of all products. Therefore, the warning systems for level crossings have already been awarded the “Austrian State Prize for Transport”.

Through constant investments as well as participation in national and international cooperative research projects, the products and services of all business areas are continually developed and innovations are brought to market maturity.

Focus on customer satisfaction

Through continuous research and development as well as compliance with quality and safety requirements, we aim to ensure the high standard and reliability of our solutions in the field of railway technology and road transport. The highest possible satisfaction of our customers is our primary goal. We are guided by state-of-the-art technology and are constantly working on the further development of our products and services. High flexibility to meet customer requirements as well as reliability and delivery reliability are important features of our work. We proactively maintain direct contact with our customers and respond quickly and competently to enquiries.

Committed to the highest quality

Our products and processes are characterised by the highest quality. We always strive to be a leader and innovator in our segment. A certified and well-maintained quality management system ensures that quality targets are met in all areas of the company. EBE Solutions has had a certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 since its foundation. It ensures a sustainable, high standard of performance and the awarded Austria quality mark identifies us as an Austrian model company.

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Innovation as a driving force

By continuously developing the company and improving our existing products as well as developing new solutions, we create opportunities for further growth. It is part of our strategy to regularly participate in cooperative funding projects. Through this, we aim to establish and maintain long-term partnerships with other companies in the industry as well as with research institutions.

Customer service

Customer satisfaction is a top priority at EBE Solutions GmbH. For this reason, our customer service extends from competent advice and support in the selection of suitable products and services to the delivery and installation of reliable products and competent technical support.


The selection of the most suitable system, the specification and precise delineation of the requirements are the basis for successful cooperation and efficient project implementation. EBE Solutions provides support in the form of expertise and knowledge of the applicable standards, laws and regulations.

Maintenance and technical support

If you have any questions about the products, our expert technicians are available by telephone and, if necessary, on site at the plant. Short distances and clear guidelines within the organisation enable rapid, competent support even for complex problems. At the customer's request, we are also happy to take over the support of systems as well as any legally required inspections.


Road and rail systems are usually operated for many years and decades. In order to provide optimum support for the systems, EBE Solutions GmbH therefore carries out appropriate product training either on site at the customer's premises or at one of the company's locations. In addition, we also offer training on special topics (e.g. level crossing protection and railway safety technology).


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